Six New Yorkers You Won't Want to Go on A Second Date With



- Yoga instructor from Northern California. Lives in gay uncle’s rent controlled apt in Greenwich Village

- Orders Kombrewcha and talks a lot about energy and chakras

- Cops a move trying to activate the crystal on your Forever 21 necklace

- Texts the next day saying he can’t stop thinking about you but doesn’t believe in monogamy


- Unclear what he does — can’t find on LinkedIn?

- from Mass, lives in Murray Hill

- Orders whisky on the rocks and dominates the conversation talking about crypto / obsessively checking crypto prices

- Makes a move and your reaction determines whether or not he is nice for the rest of the night

- Will Venmo request you the following day if crypto prices are bad


- Born and raised in Queens

- Orders a Modelo and spends roughly an hour talking about the evolution of streetwear after you compliment his shirt (to be polite)

- Goes in for a kiss and spills beer on his shoe. Livid for the rest of the night because it’s an « archive pair »

- Texts one week later to ask for the contact of your friend who works with Virgil Abloh


- His Six Lines bio says artist but the last creative thing he did was put food coloring in his bong water

- from Bermuda, lives in the apartment his parents bought when he started @ NYU (dropped out of NYU in the meantime)

- Rolls into Miss Lily’ 20 mins late, baked out of his mind. Only move he makes is ordering a bunch of food you don’t want and sloppily eating it in front of you

- Will text every week or so to ask if you want smoke a blunt


- Works at a media agency. Won’t go into specifics because of an « NDA »

- from Florida, lives in Bushwick

- Orders an aperol spritz and spends entire date quoting memes and following himself on various platforms via your phone

- Asks if okay to kiss you. If you say yes he grabs your face for some intense PDA if you say no he mansplains feminism

- Does not text but will emoji react to all of your stories for years to come


- Consultant and wine connoisseur

- from Paris, lives off of Bedford

- Takes you to Loosie Rouge and spends more time speaking to bartender in French than chatting with you

- shits on Fahrenheit an fat people

- asks where you’re from in Maine again (you’re from Maryland)


A first date in New York is a win-win. If it goes well, you get a second date. If it’s an epic fail, you get an epic story. Here are a few New York specimens who may not make it to date two but will make stories worth telling.

Six Lines takes dating off your screen and to the streets of New York City.

Copy: Dylan Dinho
Collages: Six Lines App

Claire Dufournier