Six People You Will Date in New York



Priced out of Williamsburg, Zach now lives in Bedstuy with five roommates. A man of crafts, he paints mural advertisements for a living and organizes Drink-n-Draw’s on Tuesday nights. He tells you his alter ego is Ben Sinclair because “he deals drugs via bicycle too”… as he kindly offers you a cannabis mint.



You suggest a quiet wine bar in the East Village and she insists on going to the Public Hotel’s new rooftop. She orders every shared plate on the menu, which you end up eating and she ends up photographing. Katia enjoys boxing, island hopping and patio dining. She tells you how exhausting it is to “never really be off-duty” as a blogger but see how much “her voice empowers other women” makes it all worth it.



Her Instagram bio is “Soul Strategist & Wanderer of the Universe." She asks the waitress for the mocktail menu then begins to reap the benefits of living with intention, abundance and gratitude. Gaïa, born Sophie, enjoys hot yoga, spiralizing vegetables and washing her hair with baking soda. She lives in a squat in Chinatown and insists that her casa is your casa too.



He sends you a Google Cal invite for a 90 minute drink on the rooftop of his coworking space. Ben’s wearing a graphic T, forgot one of his wireless earbuds in his ear and is holding two craft beer cans. He speaks in seeds, unicorns and angels and ends every sentence with your first name. Ben enjoys rock climbing, ramen, and is a teacher’s assistant at General Assembly.


He’ll give you a rendez-vous at 10 pm at a trendy West Village patio where he’s already ordered some french rosé and a dozen oysters. Duke enjoys early mornings at Equinox, his salary and binge watching Billions. He’s only been to Brooklyn once yet swears he's “grown out of the Jane.” He has a house share in the Hamptons in August which he says you "you should definitely swing by.”


She arrives well in advance and does some deep breathing exercises to wind down. Brooke kicks off your date by enumerating her far from mundane accomplishments: law school, a few marathons, conversational Mandarin and a passion for Latin American film. Her voice is loud and eye contact persistent. Two glasses of Pinot Grigio deep and her questions veer into TSA screening mode as she asks you about your credit score and zodiac chart.


So those are six people you'll meet in NYC, and then there's you and me. Two normal people in this wild city  that appreciate a good conversation and a good drink. At Six Lines we get people off their screens and on some damn dates.

Claire Dufournier