We Asked People from Six European Countries "How They Date"


We all know how hard it is to meet someone in NYC. New York is the kind of city where on a daily basis you overhear someone complaining about their demoralizing love life. People are constantly looking for reasons to stop seeing someone rather than reasons to continue. Flings are ambiguous, ill-defined and we tend to let apprehension and nerves take over. At Six Lines we want to bring back the fun in dating and the thrill of meeting someone new.
You in?

We asked Europeans from six different countries to tell us about dating where they're from.

Simple and Effective Like the Germans
Drink of Choice: Moscow Mule

“Germans are not the most romantic when it comes to having “the talk”. In fact they tend to be almost a bit helpless/too direct when it comes to discussing a potential relationship.”

“Have you heard of "German Efficiency"? Well it applies to dating too. We don’t linger. You won’t see us wasting our time (or money) on someone we are only mildly interested in.”

“Most Germans are pretty liberal about sex. It’s fun and enjoyable and that’s it.”

“It’s city specific. In Berlin we’ll have a vodka matte and go to a rave, in Cologne we might have a beer by the Rhine, in Munich or Hamburg perhaps do something more upscale.”

Take Your Sweet Time Like the Dutch
Drink of Choice: Beer

“It’s not our forte to be open about our feelings, so we invented all these weird labels for different stages of dating perhaps to relieve some of the awkwardness? After a few dates you start referring to someone as your "Scharrel". "Scharrelen" means messing around, but in a good way. When it becomes more regular, and perhaps exclusive, we call it "Pre-La" (pre-relationship). After some time and a conversation, you’re finally in a "Rela" (relationship). We take our time!”

“I speak for people in Amsterdam, but in our twenties we’re not seeking super serious, committed relationships. We value our freedom and want to have fun!”

Drink Loads of Wine Like the French
Drink of Choice: Red Wine

“Generally speaking, American people will talk to everyone and filter through who they like/dislike while French people will observe attentively, trust their intuition and approach only people they think they'll like. Same goes for dating.”

“There is a whole romantic ideal about French people but the dating climate in France is actually far less progressive than it is US. Men pursue women vigorously and women play the innocent/flirty card.”

“We don’t even call them dates. We just agree to meet for drinks, without much context, and end up speaking for hours and drinking waaaay too much wine.”

Seduce Like the Spanish
Drink of Choice: Sangria

“If a Spanish guy wants to take a Spanish girl out, he best be persistent. We are more old-fashioned than in America!”

“In Spain people usually meet through mutual friends, there isn't much of a culture of dating. At least not dating strangers!”

“As a guy you have to play your cards strategically. It’s a balance between showing interest and maintaining mystery. Plan with intention and surprise her. And of course, because the Spanish culture is a party culture: be very, very fun.”

Mind Your Own Biz Like the Swedes
Drink of Choice: Gin & Tonic

“Now that I think of it, the Swedish dating culture is basically the American one in reverse. You meet out, casually hook up and things can seamlessly transition into a monogamous relationship (or not).. And thennnn you’ll go out for dinner.”

“Dates are vaguely being introduced through dating apps but Swedes are very private, they won’t admit dating or wanting to go on  a date with someone.”

Business-Casual Like the Brits
Drink of Choice: Pimm's

“Similarly to the US, dating in the UK is pretty common and somewhat codified. There are expectations, standards, do’s and don’ts...”

“Assuming all goes swimmingly on the first date, a series of dates, which may include activities (dinner, drinks, hiring a boat down the canal, game of mini-golf, gin tasting etc), will follow. These dates will usually take place mid-week.”

“When do I know things are getting serious? When we can spend time together without having a drink, ha!”

Now that we gave you an anthropological rundown of euro-dating customs you'll be well versed on what drink to order to blend in during your next trip! Rest assured, if you are single in New York you're in the right place because dating is very much a thing here.

This is where Six Lines come in. Why? To gently remind you that swiping does not equate to dating and to get you on your next hot date.

Claire DufournierSix Lines