Signs You 're Becoming a True New Yorker


Whether you were born across the country or overseas, you move to New York thinking you’re in control of your life and one day you try to leave… and you can’t. You develop an infatuation for the city’s energy and repeatedly find a reason to believe that it’s exactly the place for you. You walk faster, you talk faster, you are unfazed by crowded trains and exorbitant prices and the beauty of Central Park never ceases to amaze you.

At Six Lines we yield to New York’s temptations and seize the day, everyday. Life is too short and this city has far too much to offer and far too many interesting people to meet for us to be hiding behind our screens. Six Lines makes date planning effortless and is for anyone that delights in slowing down and indulging in good conversation over a good drink. Join today!

Claire Dufournier